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Carol Shwanda chronicles her blended family's lives and experiences offering hope, guidance, wisdom, inspiration and humor to anyone who is in or about to enter into a blended family.

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I would like my blog to be a forum for my readers to share their stories and experiences and express their views and opinions about being a part of a blended family. I am working on a book tentatively titled:Blended Family Stories. It will be an in depth look at the real life challenges and joys of successful blended families. If you would like to be part of my research I'd love to hear from you.Take my Blended Family survey

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  • This is the Life

    Cock pit of boat

    Taking the helm.

    Paul and I spent the weekend in San Francisco on our friend’s boat at South Beach Harbor. We go there quite often. It is an extremely relaxing respite for us since we both love sailing and just hanging out in the harbor. Saturday night we attended a special dinner and presentation on the America’s Cup at the St. Francis Yacht Club. Some of the members of the America’s Cup teams were there to talk about the world renowned race that is coming to San Francisco this summer. Thanks to our friends, we will have front row seats.

    An added bonus for us is that we get to share this passion with Mark, Paul’s son. He lives in San Francisco now and enjoys spending time at the harbor with us whenever we are in town. Our friends hired him to help with some work on their boat and when word got spread about how handy Mark is (he takes after his dad on that front) he got some work from other boat owners as well.

    Mark is so adorable. He called Paul yesterday to see if we were in town so he could come hang with us. We took him out to breakfast at our favorite spot, The Townsend Cafe, and afterward he stayed to help Paul work on the boat. We had a nice visit. He is looking forward to the America’s Cup when the entire world will descend on the city. What an amazing experience for a young man just striking out on his own in the Big City. It reminds me of my own youth in the  80′s when I lived in New York City during the centennial celebration of the Statue of Liberty. I remember going to Battery Park and watching the flotilla of ships from around the world. It was spectacular. I wish the same awe inspiring joy for Mark.

    Published on April 7, 2013 · Filed under: BLENDED FAMILIES, Empty Nesters;
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