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Carol Shwanda chronicles her blended family's lives and experiences offering hope, guidance, wisdom, inspiration and humor to anyone who is in or about to enter into a blended family.

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I would like my blog to be a forum for my readers to share their stories and experiences and express their views and opinions about being a part of a blended family. I am working on a book tentatively titled:Blended Family Stories. It will be an in depth look at the real life challenges and joys of successful blended families. If you would like to be part of my research I'd love to hear from you.Take my Blended Family survey

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  • In Sickness and In Health

    Even though he got a flu shot, my husband came down with the dreaded bug. His symptoms started on Sunday afternoon on our way back from Tahoe so I took over driving. For the next two days he was wiped out, horizontal, either in bed, mostly, or on the couch. I don’t mind taking care of him because he is a very good patient. He doesn’t complain, he just sleeps.

    Each morning for the last two days, I made his breakfast (actually I pretty much do that every day), gave him his swig of DayQuil and put him back to bed. Since I only work five minutes from home, I came home at lunch to make him soup and check on him. Eva, who gets out of school at 1:30, looked after him the rest of the day until I got home for dinner. All of this was hardly necessary since all Paul did was sleep.

    He’s better now. Just a bit of a cough. Perhaps the flu shot he got helped because his illness did not last that long, or he just got a weaker strain of virus. He’s now vertical and back to work. Even though I didn’t really do that much for him, he said he felt so much better just knowing that I was there. How sweet. I just hope I didn’t catch any of his germs.

    Published on March 13, 2013 · Filed under: Remarriage;
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